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Table tops


Special solution that helps to design lightweight tables with engineered Nordic timber core. We have engineered DendroLight® Table Tops in way that helps to increase vibration damping, compression strength and stiffness characteristics. Increased performance is achieved by the unique manufacturing technology where DendroLight® core material is reinforced with solid woodribs and sandwiched between two MDF or plywood faces.

Key characteristics

- Free span without any reinforcing substructures

- Lightness

- Increased bending strength

- Increased stiffness

- Direct table leg fastening by screws

- Terrific screw withdrawal characteristics

- Easy edging (no matter how the table is formatted or shaped)

- Adjustable size


The strength requirements of tables described in EN 527-2 and EN 527-3 can be fulfilled even in most extraordinary designs if DendroLight® Table Top is used. Thanks to the unique reinforced structure of DendroLight® Table Top all the necessary mechanisms or dynamic fittings can be easily mounted under the board.

For convenience of our clients DendroLight® Table Tops are produced in most of the commonly used standard sizes. However if necessary Table Tops can be produced in almost any nonstandard size as well.

DendroLight® Table Tops give designers possibility to create any form necessary. It is possible to create tables and worktops without inconvenient substructures.

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