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DendroLight® core material is a material for various carpentry and construction products with reduced weight and increased stability. Perfect  DendroLight® core material can be decked and edged with solid wood, plywood, MDF, HDF and many other faces and it is widely applied in furniture, interior design and constuction industries.

Main product advantages

- Reduced weight (260 – 477 kg/m3)

- Low swelling characteristics (0,5%)

- Low glue content (4 – 5%)

- Cost effective logistic and storage

- Easy processing

- Conventional tools applicable

- CO neutral ++

- Well suited for:

• 3,5 and 7 layer panel production

• carpentry and construction elements

• solid surface stairs

• 3D curve panels

- Faces: HDF, MDF, MDF, plywood, etc.

DendroLight® core material is made of unique spruce, pine or aspen tree profiles, which are glued together in perpendicular angles forming DendroLight® middle layer block, which is then band sawed into middle layer sheets. The unique DendroLight® profiling technology reduces weight of a solid wood by 40% reaching as low as 250 kg/m3 and minimizes internal tensions of a wood.

In the gluing process PVAc (D3/D4) or EPI is used, with total amount of glue in the material not exceeding 5%. Therefore DendroLight® middle layer material is highly natural product at the same time providing good sustainability to external environment. The unique DendroLight® glueing, pressing and sawing processes grant extra stability, homogenity and rigid dimensions to the material. These qualities are then complemented with extra strength in the process of material decking.

DendroLight® middle layer is a perfect core material for lightweight solid wood panels and other carpentry products used in furniture production, interior design and construction industries. Due to its lightness, strenght and homogeneity DendroLight® middle layer is especially good component for manufacturing extra quality work surfaces, doors and stairs.

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* The award was granted to TEAM7 Naturlich Wohnen GmbH product 3 – Layer laminate with DendroLight middle layer.

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