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The DendroLight® products have been created by combining more than 30 years of experience in woodworking, latest technology achievements and team-work of professionals. DendroLight® is a highly engineered timber product produced in a multiple profiling, cross-laminating and band-sawing process. DendroLight’s unique structure ensures reduced weight, increased stability, ease of processing and wide application possibilities. Most frequently it is used in furniture panel, door blank and building & construction element production.

Excellent process-ability – possible to use conventional tools.

Stability – DendroLight® products maintain their structure (do not deform or wrap), are durable against different factors and show good technical qualities.

Lightness – DendroLight® core material is 40 % lighter than solid wood.

Ecological – DendroLight® is made out of unsorted wood that in most of the cases cannot be used for solid wood panel production. In the production process we gain 40% extra wood chips (75% DendroLight® + 65% wood chips). These chips are used for powering our kiln drying system and solid fuel production.


DendroLight® material is widely used for building up sandwich panels with expensive solid wood surfaces. This allows saving significant amount of exotic and expensive species of wood, by actually improving the overall technical characteristics.

eco&eco (economic & ecologic) – Less amount of high value forest to be cut + less overseas transport + full trucks of end product = better technical quality


Dendrolight Latvija Ltd. offer to clients wide range of FSC® certified products. It grants sustainable sourcing of raw materials used in production process.

These are only few advantages of DendroLight® material. Dendrolight Latvija Ltd. offers a wide range of product – core material, furniture panels and tabele tops with MDF (HDF), plywood and solid wood faces, door blanks and building systems. By choosing DendroLight® products you will help preserve the woods, because Dendrolight Latvija Ltd. is taking ECO responsibility to another level:

  • FSC Certificate
  • CO2 neutral (++)
  • Autonomic heating system powered by wood chips
  • Ultra energy – saving aspiration system
  • Environment friendly products
  • We process northern pine right where it grows
  • We conserve natural resources by making more out of less

1 = 1.4 with DendroLight

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